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Thassos is known for its amazing nature and beautiful beaches. During your stay, you can enjoy the idyllic walk on the beach, swim in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean and relax on the sandy beach. Also, Thassos has historical attractions, museums and traditional villages that are worth exploring.

In recent years, Potos has been chosen as one of the top young holiday destinations. Young people from Greece but also from all over the world arrive here during the summer, especially in July and August, when schools and universities close for the summer. Young families also tend to enjoy coming here.

  Narrow streets turn into pedestrian streets 

with the shops and snack bars along them, as cars and motorbikes are limited to only a few streets of the town. After a day full of beach activities, tourists fill the streets and sidewalks to shop and find a meeting place to relax and enjoy a drink and maybe a late night party. A bustling motley crowd floods the place giving it a special vibrancy and a special summer color.

The town is located next to the very long and sandy beach. The water is clean and suitable for swimming and water sports.

Along a section of the beach, next to the picturesque harbor, you will find a range of cafes, bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors and night clubs. They are very lively during the day and the same intense rhythms continue unabated during the night. As you pass through the meeting places, you will hear a constant rotation of music until you hear the genre you like, and maybe then you will decide to sit there, have a drink looking out to sea and enjoying the magnificent night view of the illuminated coastlines far into the peninsula of Athos.


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